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Hannoband 3E Expanding Sealant Tape: 6 - 15 mm Expansion

Hannoband 3E Expanding Sealant Tape: 6 - 15 mm Expansion

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Hannoband 3E Expanding Sealant Tape: 6 - 15mm Expansion

Expanding foam tape for gaps between 6 to 15mm (1/4" - 5/8"). 
Roll is 2-1/2" wide x 23' in length.

Innovative design improves the air barrier function by adding an internal air and vapor retarder within the laminated tape. We've found this to be a more effective air barrier than other expanding foam tapes we've tried. 

Innovative multifunctional tape: rain proof, sound absorbing, thermal insulation, airtight. Complies with DIN 18542 : 2009 stress group BG2 and BG-R. Color: anthracite.

The "all-in-one“ multi-function tapes are ideal for the reliable and quick sealing of window joints. The polyurethane soft foam recovers in the joint and produces long-lived window joint seals. Movements of building components are compensated even after many years. The HANNO patented membrane technology in these innovative tapes is responsible for the high barrier effect of these tapes.

Hanno® multi-function tapes, in addition, are efficient heat insulating products and comply with the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance. The very good heat insulation properties add to the high quality level of these tapes.

For customers who prefer to buy a full box, this product has 4 rolls per box.

Hannoband 3E Expanding Sealant Tape TDS

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