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SpacePak Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

SpacePak Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

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SpacePak Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

SpacePak air-to-water heat pumps are an economical way to heat and cool your home without the use of fossil fuels. Conventional heating systems have to create heat using natural gas or oil based combustion, or electric resistance elements which is a far less efficient process than an electric heat pump which simply concentrates and "moves" the heat energy from ambient air. SpacePak air-to-water heat pumps have all the advantages of a typical hydronic system and use up to 70%  less electricity than electric baseboard. In addition to heating, SpacePak heat pumps are capable of cooling spaces efficiently. SpacePak's heat pumps naturally lend themselves to pairing with other energy technology such as solar collectors, making them a great choice for passive-solar and net-zero building and design approaches. To learn more about SpacePak heat pumps, visit our website page about them.

Ordering SpacePak Systems From Small Planet Supply

Small Planet Supply is able to provide SpacePak Systems in all USA states and Canadian territories. If you are interested in learning more before purchasing, you can request a consultation from us.

Getting Started With Your SpacePak Heat Pump System Purchase From Small Planet Supply

Small Planet Supply makes it easy for homeowners and businesses to work with us. If you’re an installer or other business, you can view all SpacePak systems and components at the Small Planet Supply Catalog. Products are listed without pricing until you open a Business Connections account. After opening your account, you’ll see the pricing available to your business and be able to order all products directly through the catalog.

For questions on pricing, call: 855-367-7442.

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