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Small Planet Supply is the exclusive stocking distributor of Thermacork for the western United States and Canada. A full range of sizes and types are maintained in our Tumwater, Washington facility.  We stock 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3" thick standard and Facade/Decorative Grade panels. Thicknesses up to 12" are available for planned projects. For Passive House or other low energy projects, thickness of 4" and 6" can be achieved in a single layer with a shiplap cut. With one layer and one trip around the building, the shiplap cut can be an economical alternative to other rigid insulation boards that require multiple layers to achieve the same value. Contact us for "shiplap joinery" to help apply thick panels onto wood frame buildings in easy steps. 

Cork insulation will drastically reduce energy consumption, and its energy saving qualities will last decades, far longer than most choices. This is due to cork's high insulation value, stability, and its reduction of thermal bridging. 

Working with cork doesn't leave you itching and scratching. It doesn't leave the job site covered in foam particles. There are no endocrine damaging fire retardants. It doesn't compress like mineral wool so there are no tedious screws to move in or out to keep a wall plane straight. It comes in packs that are easy to lift and carry, and panels that are easy to apply and can be nailed in place with a nail gun.


If you’d like to see and feel Thermacork products for yourself, you can stop by our Tumwater warehouse or we can mail you a sample. The sample is free, we only charge a shipping fee. A list of available samples is below:

ThermaCork Standard Grade 1" Sample: One 4” x 6” sample piece of 1” Standard Density ($10.00 shipping fee)

Thermacork Builder Sample Pack: One standard grade sample, one facade grade sample, one decorative grade sample ($30.00 shipping fee)

Thermacork Designer Sample Pack: Includes the three options included in the builder sample kit, plus each of the four decorative patterns. ($47.00 shipping fee)

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