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Dresselhaus Window Screw: 6 in. (152mm)

Dresselhaus Window Screw: 6 in. (152mm)

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  • Small Head Design
  • T-25 drive
  • Can support heavy and large framed wood windows
  • Works as fixed screw in conjunction with GRK Top Star adjustable window shim screw
  • Made in Germany
Order T-25 Drive Bits seperately here
Available Sizes:
7.5mm (9/32in) x 92mm (3 5/8in) box of 100
7.5mm (9/32in) x 112mm (4 7/16in) box of 100
7.5mm (9/32in) x 132mm (5 3/16in) box of 100
7.5mm (9/32in) x 152mm (6in) box of 100
7.5mm (9/32in) x 182mm (7 3/16in) box of 100
7.5mm (9/32in) x 212mm (8 3/8in) box of 100
The 7.5mm diameter heavy duty window screw from Dresselhaus is ideal for supporting large wood framed windows.
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