KlimaGuard Vario Base & Corner Tape: 4" Wide

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KlimaGuard Vario Base & Corner Tape: 4" Wide

Klimaguard Vario is a German made exterior rated sealing tape for wood and masonry buildings. The PET fleece-based tapes are both air and water tight, and considered a “smart” tape as its vapor permeability adjusts depending on it's moisture content. KlimaGuard can be applied and left exposed for up to 6 months. 

It will stick to common construction materials including:

  • wood
  • concrete
  • weather-resistant membranes 
  • glass
  • metals,
  • rigid foam boards
  • drywall. 

KlimaGuard will not stick to some of the high quality liquid applied membranes that are comprised of STPEs like R Guard from Prosoco.
KlimaGuard can be painted and will accept plaster and stucco coats. 

Each roll of this KlimaGuard Vario Base & Corner tape is 4" x 82' .  For customers who buy by the box: each box has four rolls.