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Heco Topix Therm Stainless Steel Screw: 6 x 120 mm

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Heco Topix Therm Stainless Steel Screw: 6 x 120 mm

This screw is made just for exterior insulation, no more squashed blocks. 

The identically pitched threads keep the Heco Topix Therm from compressing the insulation

  • Ideal for Mineral Wool, EPS, XPS, Poly Iso and Soft Fibre Boards
  • No pre-drilling of the batten needed
  • T Drive stays connected
  • Counter Sunk Head
  • Zinc Plated
  • Made in Germany

Wrapping a standard stick framed wall with exterior insulation is a simple way to super-insulate and improve a buildings energy performance. The benefits of straight forward air-sealing at the sheathing and the added insulation value is attractive. For designers and builders preferring the less dense mineral wool or wood fibre insulation because of its high vapor permeance and resulting cold climate drying ability, applying the insulation without deforming the wall plane has required some pretty creative ways to keep the battens straight and the facade in plane. While you can do this with squash blocks and inexpensive "cap headed lag style screws", the Heco Topix Therm is made for just this application. Its dual sets of identically pitched threads allow the head to set flush into a 3/4 batten by its own power. You're no longer setting the head into the batten by the compression of the thread into the wall. Since the thread in the wall turns at the same rate as the thread in the batten, the distance between the wall and batten will remain the same.

The Heco Topix Therm is an expensive fastener by anyone's measure. The intial cost of the fastener is made up on the job by the lack of pre-drilling, adding "squash blocks" and not "fighting the wall/roof" to keep theroof or wall and siding in plane.

6mm x 120mm - Stainless Steel - 1/4" x 4.7" T 25 Drive 100/box - Specially made for 2" mineral wool